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Trading Advisor & Analyst |
Independent Trader, Coach
Team Trader & Analyst |
Independent Trader, Coach
Founder & Lead Analyst |
Independent Trader, Coach
Trading Advisor & Co-Founder |
Marketing communication, Trader
Trading Advisor |
Independent Trader, Coach
Trading Advisor & Analyst |
Independent Trader, Coach

About Us

We help people get new opportunities to make money from the new normal. Found in 2017, from trader to traders. Committed to guiding newbie traders on the right path in starting a trading career. Being a place for newbie traders to have the right trading community and build each other with consistency as the main goal.

With more than five years of experience in the financial markets (stocks, crypto, forex, commodities, and binary options) we have educated more than 2500 people from all over Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


Become a community of traders who have the right mindset and make trading like a business.


Equip a trader with the right mindset, well education, solid strategy and make trading a vehicle for time and financial freedom.

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Rangga Kusumaputra

Trading Advisor |
Independent trader, Coach

Has a background in Hospitality and Tourism, and has experience as a Professional Dancer in the dance industry, videography, performing arts, coaching and Dance Studio management since 2015.

He started his career in the financial market in 2019, from being a student at ZeroskiFX on Binary Option instruments, and now he has focused on deepening the knowledge of Technical Analysis that can be applied in the other markets such as Cryptocurrency, Forex and Stocks.

For his dedication and consistency to educate newbie traders, now he become one of the mentors at ZeroskiFX – Community.


Never Dreamed About Success, Worked For It,


Nur Rochman

Team Trader & Analyst | Independent trader, Coach

With an undergraduate background in psychology.

Rochman is a trader who has been in the trading world for almost 5 years with various markets and trading platforms, from commodities to options trading.Ups and downs in the trading business are common, especially for newbie traders. In the trading of his career in the world of trading, he had suffered a considerable loss with a total loss of up to Rp. 400 million and managed to rise from this loss.

He has a strong and unyielding belief to be successful in trading, over time he has undertaken several training and courses.

Until now, for him, there is no word of failure in trading. Failure is only owned by those who stop wanting to learn. Thanks to his hard work and consistency, now the biggest income he gets comes from trading. All dreams have come true until he can support his wife and two children through the trading business. Joined with Kursustrading X ZeroskiFx – Community in 2019 Rochman became part of Zeroski Fx. For his dedication and consistency to educate all newbie traders today he is a team of traders and analysts at ZeroskiFx – Community.

For that, Rochman personally invites you to jointly achieve success in this trading business.

The next success is Yours!

Wicky Zeroski

Founder & Lead Analyst | Independent Trader, Coach

Has a bachelor’s background in economics, professional dancer and group fitness instructor based in Jakarta. Representing Bboyworld Asia Team and Frezh Motionz Crew, One of the best Bboy crew in Asia.

13 years of knowledge and experience in the dance scene, performing arts, bboy competition & fitness industry allows him to connect with people in the world and become an expert. The world has called him “Bboy Zeroski”. Experiencing a loss in 2015 with the amount of almost 1 billion rupiah in trading did not stop him. He has undergone all kinds of trading training, both national and international. And managed to turn things from a loss to a significant gain. Successfully changed equity 10,000 $ to 200,000 $ in 2016-2017 in financial markets.

Now he has focused his career in financial markets as an independent trader, investor and trading educator since 2016 through his experience. As a trader in all markets be it stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies and binary options. He can help you on the right track through the experience he has and has managed to become a consistent trader in the last 5 years. In 2017 he founded Zeroski FX – Community with a vision & mission in the future to be the largest educational company in Indonesia & be able to help newbie traders develop and become independent and profitable traders.

No risk, No reward!
if you want to be profitable in trading,
educate yourself, there are no shortcuts!

Marcella Ariesta Jonarto

Trading Advisor & Co-Founder | Marketing communication, Trader

Has a bachelor’s background in communication. Marcella started Trading in the world of Indonesian stock trading since 2017.
She finally studied forex, futures, and commodities trading until now as a day trader.

Starting a career as a consultant and marketing at a brokerage. Marcella has experience in trading advisory, marketing communications, and branding.
She is also the Co-founder and the forerunner of the formation of Zeroski Fx – Community.

Marcella is ready to help fellow traders in Indonesia who are struggling and need information about trading and all services at Zeroski Fx – Community.
For her dedication and skill in conveying information in a very straightforward manner, Marcella is a trading advisor at Zeroski Fx- Community.

Everyone has the right to advise and guidance so as not to get lost.
Come to join with Zeroski Fx – Community and be a part of us!

Jovan Jonarto

Trading Advisor & Analyst | Independent Trader, Coach

Has a background in computer technician and starting his small business at 18 years old. Within 6 months, his businesss growing rapidly and progressing.
because of interest in technology and have sufficient capital, encouraged him to venture into the world of the financial market in 2018,

starting from studying Forex instruments to learning all trading instruments.
In 2019 he focused on Binary Option instruments and made him lose all his savings and makes him depressed .Because of his belief he started studying at Zeroski Fx and was able to reverse all his losses
in a short time made him more focused on financial markets and became a technical analyst at Zeroski Fx
Have a vision and mission to help all new traders to achieve their dreams of becoming a successful trader and succeed in trading world of financial markets.

Good Things Take Time
Hold your vision and Enjoy the Process!


Private Session Mentoring akan dilaksanakan setelah murid mentorship mempelajari seluruh content & materi trading yang ada di dasboard Master Class murid mentoring wajib mempelajari materi (Self-study) selama 3 bulan.
Setelah 3 bulan murid metoring akan diberikan akses untuk bertemu secara online meeting dengan Mentor di ZeroskiFx untuk lebih fokus kepada study case yang akan terjadi di market.

Murid mentoring akan diberikan jadwal mentoring dan juga link akses ke ZOOM meeting, skype, atau Google meet.
Untuk informasi lebih lanjut bisa konsultasi kepada Trading Advisor kami :